GLAD History


We've been bringing big ideas about the little things to Australian households since 1966.


In 1966 the GLAD® brand was born in Australia with the launch of 'the amazing new plastic GLAD® Wrap', a totally new concept for storing food. The plastic wrap market in Australia is now valued at $51 million with nine out of ten Australian households purchasing some kind of plastic wrap and the GLAD® brand is a clear market leader with 53% value share.

Since 1966 the GLAD® brand created more product categories designed to make life easier around the home and to save time, particularly in the kitchen.

These included products such as GLAD® Snap Lock Bags, non-stick GLAD® Bake Paper, GLAD® Tuff Stuff Drawstring Bags, GLAD® WaveTop Tie Kitchen Tidy Bags, GLAD® Ice Cube Bags and more recently GLAD® Ware. In 2001, the segments in which the GLAD® brand operates, account for $222 million retail per annum with four key categories accounting for over 80% of this market – plastic wrap; aluminium foil; garbage bags and kitchen tidy bags.

Surveys conducted by Roy Morgan Research Centre have found that on average each Australian household purchases six products from this total market range of wraps and bag products, and this number is increasing as the time saving and convenience benefits become more widely appreciated by people living busy lifestyles. The strength of the GLAD® brand in the category is clear, with seven out of ten Australian households having one or more GLAD® Products in the kitchens or pantry.


The GLAD® brand originated in the USA when Union Carbide Corporation launched GLAD® Wrap in 1963. After extensive market research, both GLAD® Wrap and GLAD® Bags were launched in Australia by Union Carbide in September 1966.

The concept of a 'see-through' wrap which would cling to itself was well received by Australian women and the decision was made to build a manufacturing plant in Rhodes in Sydney. The plant would make extruded polyethylene cling film then roll and pack it into boxes.

In order to generate publicity for the launch two functions were planned in Sydney and Melbourne to which local columnists, women's magazine editors, retail trade leaders and social identities were invited. The host of these functions was Graham Kerr, the country's top food expert at the time. Guests were to take part in a demonstration by trying to differentiate between food prepared and wrapped in GLAD® Wrap three days before and food prepared that day. To keep the test honest, the wrapped food was kept under armed guard for the three days. For a little extra pizzazz, it was stored in glass door refrigerators in the main windows of Woolworths' George and Pitt Street stores in Sydney and in the main window of GJ Coles Bourke Street in Melbourne. When the food was unwrapped, the guests were amazed to find that this new plastic wrapping actually kept food as fresh as it had been before it was wrapped.

Following the Bhopal gas disaster in India in the mid 1980's, Union Carbide Corporation was forced to sell the GLAD® brand worldwide, along with the Eveready Battery brand. In the USA, a management buyout group called First Brands Corporation bought the GLAD® brand. In Australia it was first bought by Ron Brierley's Industrial Equity Limited, and then became part of
National Foods in 1991.

After almost 30 years manufacturing GLAD® products at Rhodes, Sydney, production was moved in 1993 to new site in Padstow, Sydney. In March 1997, GLAD® went back to its 'original' owner when First Brands Corporation in the USA bought the GLAD® brand in Australia and New Zealand to complete ownership of the GLAD® brand worldwide. In 1999 First Brands Corporation was bought out by Clorox Pty Limited.


Since plastic cling wrap replaced greaseproof and waxed paper for wrapping sandwiches in the 1960's, GLAD® has created and driven the Australian market for household wraps and bags.

The launch of GLAD® Wrap in Australia was highly successful and was awarded the Hoover Award for Marketing in 1967. GLAD® has enjoyed its position as the leading Plastic Wrap brand for over 31 years and the brand has subsequently been successfully extended into a range that totals more than 60 individual pack sizes.

GLAD® is well known for innovation. The successful launch of GLAD® Wrap and GLAD® Food Bags was followed by the introduction of garbage bags and kitchen tidy bags in the early 1970's and GLAD® Aluminium Foil, GLAD® Bake Paper and GLAD® Snap Lock Bags in the 1980's.

In 1993 GLAD® launched WaveTop Tie Bags, a patented product design which provides the consumer with two ties to secure the bag and tow ties to carry it.

The launch of this product doubled GLAD®'s brand share in the kitchen tidy bag market in less than twelve months. GLAD® Ice Cube Bags is a patented product developed in Denmark which was added to the GLAD® range in 1993. It allows consumers to make extra ice cubes for parties, in bags with sealed compartments for each cube. GLAD® Ice Cube Bags can also be used for storing lemon juice (handy when the lemon tree is laden with more lemons than anyone can use.)

Bags that stand up by themselves so that the user has both hands free to fill them were added to the GLAD® range. There is a large blue stand-up bag ideal for use in the garden which has a square base and is made from thick rigid plastic.

More recent product launches include GLAD® Ware Containers in 1999.

Consumers now recognize GLAD® as synonymous with high quality products which help them save time around the home. It's no wonder that when consumers write to the company they often use the phrase "Whatever did we do before GLAD®?"