Around the Home - Outdoors

Let GLAD give you a hand in the backyard and garden with our great no-sweat hints for making the most of it outside.

GLAD Garden & Clean Up Bags make great barbecue covers to protect your BBQ against the elements and prevent rust.

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Use GLAD BBQ Trays to cook seafood on the hotplate - less mess to clean up later and no 'fishy' taste transferred to other food.

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GLAD TuckAways are ideal for making large ice blocks for your Esky or party.

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GLAD BBQ Trays are specially designed for kettle-style barbecues - the heat beads burn more evenly without fat drips, making cooking more efficient, flavoursome and making clean up so much easier.

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Use a GLAD Snap Lock Bag as a mini greenhouse. Simply slip the pot into the bag and seal. When you need to water or tend the plant, it's easy to open the GLAD Snap Lock seal.

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Store garden chemicals safely - keep unlabelled poisons and pesticides in GLAD Snap lock Bags. The handy, write-on panel means you can easily identify the contents.

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GLAD Mini Snap Lock Bags are perfect for storing opened seedling packets.

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Plant seedlings in a GLAD TuckAway. Push small holes in the base of the tray to allow excess water to escape, and fill with seedling mix. After planting, cover with GLAD Wrap to keep moisture in until the plants grow.

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To get rid of wandering jew, rake the problem area firmly, then cover with GLAD Extra Large Clean Up Bags. Hold in place with bricks, timber or mulch to hide the plastic. Remove the plastic after a few months, and replant or mulch the area.

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Make a compost bin from GLAD Garden & Clean Up Bags. Add grass clippings, plant prunings and vegetable and fruit peelings, cut a few holes in the bottom and leave in a warm spot in the garden. The black bag will retain heat and moisture for perfect garden compost!

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Save time cleaning your wheelie bin by lining it with a GLAD Bathroom Tidy Bag - the fresh citronella scent will help control those unpleasant odours.

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Fill a GLAD Snap Lock Bag with lavender from your garden, seal the top and poke a few holes in the bag with a pin. Then place the bag in a cupboard or drawer for a nice, fresh scent.

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To transport plants home from the nursery, use GLAD Kitchen Tidy Bags with drawstrings to keep your car dirt-free and your new plants moist.

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To grow African Violets from leaves, place them in a little damp potting mix inside a GLAD Snap Lock Bag - the leaves will soon grow into plants.

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GLAD Bake & Cooking Paper is ideal for drying seeds such as tomato or pumpkin seeds which are sticky and wet when removed from the flesh. Once dry, seeds will slide easily off the GLAD Bake & Cooking Paper.

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When taking cuttings of favourite shrubs and flowers, place the cutting stems in GLAD Wrap 'envelopes' with a few drops of water to transport them for potting.

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Protect seedlings from snails and slugs with GLAD Stove guards - simply place over the seedling, press the centre firmly into soil and make an upturned lip on the cut out section to keep snails away.

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When potting hanging plants, line the basket with a GLAD Garden & Clean Up Bag to help retain moisture. Cut the bag to size and pierce few holes to avoid excess water build-up, then fill with potting mix.

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Use GLAD Snap Lock Bags to store and protect gardening gloves, seeds and small tools.

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GLAD stove guards placed under strawberry plants will reflect the sunlight, to help ripen fruit and keep snails and slugs at bay. Secure the Stove guard by pushing the edges down into the soil.

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