Home Office

Put GLAD® to work. Get our handy hints for getting organised in the office.

Keep a lid on your home office with GLAD's handy hints for sorting out all those boring bits.

Keep all your tax receipts and records together in a GLAD Zip Slide bag.

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Use different sized GLAD Ware containers and Zip Slide Bags to sort and store items such as paperclips, pens, stamps, erasers, bull-dog clips and staples.

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Use GLAD Zip Slide A4 Size Bags to sort and protect all of your old documents and tax receipts before archiving.

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Cover your bubble-jet printer cartridges with GLAD Wrap when not in use to prevent them from drying out.

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Use a GLAD Multi Purpose Bag slit down the side as an inexpensive dust cover for your home printer and computer.

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