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We've got lots of creative ideas to help you paint, create and decorate without breaking the budget.

Scrunched up balls of GLAD Wrap are great for creating a marbled effect when painting - paint surface with one colour, then once dry, dab the GLAD Wrap ball lightly into another colour paint and applying to the surface.

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Double sectioned GLAD Ware make great painting containers. Fill one side with paint, and one side with water to wash your brush in.

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GLAD Ware containers make perfect paint containers for painting classes - they're inexpensive and they're tight-seal lids mean no spills.

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Use GLAD Ware Containers and GLAD Snap Lock Bags to sort and store sewing materials like fabric scraps, lace, ribbons, buttons, pins, and cotton.

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Sort and store all your scrap booking materials like stickers, pens, glitter, photos, clippings, scissors and glue in GLAD Ware Plastic Containers and GLAD Zip Slide Bags.

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Because GLAD Bake & Cooking Paper is a non-stick material, it makes a great drying surface for art and craft pieces.

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Collect all your favourite clippings and pictures from magazines and store them in a GLAD Zip Slide Bag. Once you've collected enough, create a collage as a gift for friends.

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Make your own embossed gift-cards - Cut the sides off a GLAD BBQ tray and place the flat sheet of foil onto a book. Then simply use a pencil to emboss your design and attach to your greeting card.

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GLAD Bake & Cooking Paper makes an ideal stabilising paper for machine embroidering. Simply place a sheet of GLAD Bake behind the fabric before sewing then carefully tear away when the embroidery is completed.

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For perfect Mother's Day or Christmas treats, seal biscuits and sweets in GLAD Oven Bags with a bright ribbon.

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GLAD Snap Lock Bags are great for holding wool while knitting. Place the wool ball in the bag and close the snap lock seal until there's just enough of an opening for a single strand to pass freely.

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GLAD Bake & Cooking Paper is ideal for making paper lanterns - It's strong, heat resistant, and translucent creating the perfect soft lighting effect.

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