GLAD® disposal products are essential around the home – from simply isolating waste products to reducing unpleasant odours - GLAD® comes to the rescue. The following tips will allow you to further utilise GLAD® products for waste disposal around the home.

GLAD WaveTop Tie Citrus Fresh Scented Bags are perfect for cleaning up mess after a BBQ or picnic - the WaveTop Ties let you easily and hygienically close the bag and the citrus fresh scent helps control odours.

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GLAD Mini Tidy Bags are perfect for when you're walking the dog - they're opaque, extra thick and embossed for better grip - and they're scented to help reduce those unpleasant odours.

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Save time cleaning your wheelie bin by lining it with a GLAD Bathroom Tidy Bag - they contain a citronella scent to help control odours.

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Use GLAD Bathroom Tidy Bags when you're away from home. The lavender scent will help mask those unpleasant odours.

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GLAD Tuff Stuff Garbage Bags are avialble in a roll pack of 20 bags with key lock closures, which now have the added benefit of pine scent to mask garbage odour. If you would prefer a bag with drawstrings, to make the garabage bag easy to tie and carry for added security and hygiene, GLAD Tuff Stuff Bags are also available in packs of 6, 10 and 20.

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