General Hints

GLAD® has many uncommon uses that allow you to increase the cleanliness and organisation of your home. Try these handy hints!

GLAD Ice Cube bags make ideal, hygienic ice packs to treat sporting injuries, aches and sprains,

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Small GLAD Snap Lock Bags are ideal for storing a damp face washer to keep kids clean while travelling.

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When camping, store toilet paper in a GLAD Snap Lock bag to keep your picnic basket clean and hygienic!

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After a picnic, store all of your dirty cutlery in a GLAD Snap Lock bag to keep your picnic basket clean and hygienic.

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GLAD WaveTop Tie Multi-Purpose Bags are extra large and ideal to hold items such as children's toys, household appliances and old clothes; they will remain clean and dust free.

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Keep your kitty litter odour free with GLAD Tuff Stuff Garbage Bags. Simply slot the the tray inside the bag, and fill with litter. TO dispose of the used litter just pull the top of the bag backwards, enclosing the litter and tie shut.

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For an easy-clean BBQ, use GLAD Bake & Cooking Paper to cover BBQ plates before cooking.

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Use GLAD Snap-Lock bags to seperate clean from dirty clothes.

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On your next visit to the gym, place sweaty gym-gear in a lavender scented GLAD Bathroom Tidy Bag to keep them seperate from other items in your gym bag.

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At the end of summer when you want to store your fans, place a large GLAD House and Garden Bag over the top of the fan and tie it at the bottom keep it dust free and clean.

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Keep shoes seperate from your clothes when packing luggage by putting them in a large GLAD Snap Lock Bag.

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