The Kitchen is the first place you’d expect to find GLAD® products – from GLAD® Wrap range to GLAD® Ware, there is a multitude of possible ways to organise, protect and store your food items and perishables. We're GLAD® to help keep your kitchen safe with our handy kitchen hygiene hints.

GLAD Ice Cube Bags are a convenient, clean and hygienic way of making ice cubes.

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Reduce unpleasant odours in the kitchen bin with GLAD Tuff Stuff Kitchen Tidy Bags. Available in two sizes, they are impregnated with a natural Eucalyptus Oil fragrance to keep your kitchen fresh and hygienic.

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GLAD WaveTop Tie Citrus Fresh Scented Bags available in Value packs are ideal for disposing of kitchen waste as well as the mess after a BBQ or picnic away from home. The WaveTop Ties allow you to easily and hygienically close the bag and the citrus fresh scent helps control odours.

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Store your frozen peas in a GLAD Zip Slide Bag in the freezer - so much easier to open and close when you need them and your freezer will stay clean and tidy.

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Protect your first aid kit in a GLAD Snap Lock Bag. Their 'snap lock' seal ensures sterile medical supplies like bandages, band aids and lotions stay dry and clean.

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Use GLAD Bake & Cooking Paper on public barbecue plates - for clean and hygienic cooking.

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Make microwave clean-up a breeze - Place a sheet of GLAD Bake & Cooking Paper onto the microwave turntable to catch any spills - then simply remove and throw away.

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GLAD Ware is a safe and hygienic kitchen storage solution because it's dishwasher safe which means it can withstand the high-temperatures needed to kill bacteria.

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Store left overs in the fridge in GLAD Ware containers as soon as possible after cooking. If you leave leftovers out for too long at room temperature, bacteria can quickly multiply.

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Use GLAD Stove guards under your hotplates to collect spills and save on cleaning.

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Keep your kitty litter odour-free with GLAD Tuff Stuff Garbage Bags. Simply slot the tray inside the bag, and fill with litter. To dispose of the used litter just pull the top of the bag backwards, enclosing the litter, and tie shut.

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GLAD Ware and GLAD Foil trays are ideal for safe, hygienic thawing and heating - their durable heat-proof material means they can withstand the high temperatures needed to kill harmful bacteria.

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