Kitchen Hints

Handy all-purpose hints for smooth-sailing in the kitchen with GLAD.
You can cook, freeze, reheat and serve all GLAD® TUCKAWAYS®, so they save you time and effort. They can also be used in the microwave as well as the oven.

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For an easy-to-clean toasted sandwich maker, line with GLAD® BAKE & COOKING PAPER™. When your sandwich is ready, remove the GLAD Bake to wipe down your appliance.

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GLAD Ice Cube Bags are a great addition to your kitchen. They're a convenient, clean and hygienic way of making ice cubes.

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GLAD Stove Guards and GLAD Oven Guards make cleaning up a breeze by catching those hard to clean cooking spills.

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When freezing, separate food items with GLAD Go-Between or GLAD Wrap to allow for easy separation and store in GLAD® SNAP LOCK® Bags - they're transparent, re-sealable and have a handy write-on panel.

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Use GLAD Mini Wrap to cover small bowls, jars or tins - It's easier to apply to small containers and uses less wrap.

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Cook double the quantity of curries, casseroles or soups and freeze family size or single portions in GLADWARE® Containers. Then transfer straight into your microwave oven to thaw and reheat when needed.

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Save on washing up when you entertain - use a GLAD Serving Platter to heat finger food in the oven or store food in the fridge or freezer. After serving, simply throw the platter away!

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