Organised Kitchen

An organised and stress-free life can start in your kitchen. Get some big ideas for getting a little organised with GLAD.
GLAD think about everyday chores and come up with big ideas to make your life easier. GLAD Wrap has a whole range of features which give you added benefits like a starter tab, a safety cutting edge and a stick 'n' stay spot to hold your GLAD Wrap in place ready for next time around. Also, an end of roll reminder, so you don't run out of GLAD Wrap.

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Cast Iron pots need to be kept oiled to avoid rusting. Place a sheet of GLAD BAKE & COOKING Paper between stacked pots to avoid them sticking together and to keep dust away.

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The surfaces of non-stick pans will scratch if you stack them in your cupboard. To avoid scratching, place a sheet of GLAD BAKE & COOKING Paper in the bottom of each pan before storing them.

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Get organised. Store all of your kitchen cleaning supplies in GLAD TUCKAWAYS or Foil Tray under your kitchen sink.

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No more messy kitchen drawers! Keep all of those odds and ends such as kitchen ties and rubber bands in individual GLADWARE Snack Size containers - they're stackable and you can see at a glance what's inside.

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Keep all of your grocery dockets and recipe clippings clean and organised by filing them in GLAD ZIP-SLIDE Bags and storing them in a kitchen drawer.

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Keep all of your utensils neat and tidy by storing them in GLAD TUCKAWAYS or Foil Tray in your kitchen drawer.

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GLAD A4 Size GLAD ZIP-SLIDE Bags are perfect for storing and protecting those loose recipe clippings from your favourite magazines and newspapers.

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Protect your cupboards and drawers. Line them with GLAD BAKE & COOKING Paper to keep them clean, scratch and stain free.

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Save on kitchen cleaning - Keep your stove clean with GLAD Stove Guards. They'll catch cooking spills and mishaps on most gas or electric stoves, making kitchen cleaning a breeze.

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A gripe about taking out the rubbish is having to re-line the bin. GLAD WAVETOP TIE Stacked Bags contain two sets of ten bags ready in one go. Once one bag is full, simply tear it away to leave a new lemon scented bag in place. You'll never have to nag your husband or son again!

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