Cooked Foods

Make life easier in the kitchen - get GLAD®'s bright ideas and storage advice for cooked food and all those little left-overs.

Cook double the quantities of curries, casseroles or soups and freeze family size or individual portions in GLADWARE® Containers. Then simply transfer straight into your microwave oven to thaw and reheat when needed.

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When freezing leftovers in GLAD® TUCKAWAYS®, use the write-on lid to record the date and contents. When needed, defrost in the refrigerator or on "Defrost" cycle in the microwave oven and re-heat.

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When entertaining, line baking trays with GLAD® Bake & Cooking Paper™ to reheat finger food that you've pre-prepared and frozen.

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Bake cakes and sweets in GLAD® TUCKAWAYS® and freeze for when friends pop around or to take to school fetes.

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