Fruit & Vegetable

GLAD food storage solutions can save you time and money by helping you keep your Fruit & Veg fresher for longer.

Check out these great little tips for preparing and storing your fresh fruit and veggies.

When you need lemon or orange rind, apply a sheet of GLAD BAKE & COOKING Paper to the outside of your grater - it will collect the rind and keep your grater easy to clean.

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Make pumpkin easy to cut - wrap large pieces in GLAD Wrap, cook on High/100% for 1-2 minutes in your microwave. Stand for 5 minutes, remove GLAD Wrap and cut.

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For ready-to-go vegetables - stir-fry and freeze portions in GLAD SNAP LOCK Bags. Then, when you need them, pop them straight in the microwave to cook.

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Freeze leftover chopped, fresh herbs in GLAD SNAP LOCK Bags - and add frozen herbs directly to your recipe when you need them.

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Squeeze excess lemons & limes and freeze the juice in GLAD Ice Cube bags. You'll always have fresh juice on hand when you need it or use as fresh fruit ice-cubes in cold drinks, kids' school drink bottles or punches.

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Freeze excess onions next time you're preparing onions, chop up extra and freeze in GLAD SNAP LOCK Bags. Then simply remove as much or as little as you need for cooking and defrost. No tears!

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For a healthy, low-fat snack keep cut carrots, celery, or grape tomatoes in GLAD SNAP LOCK Bags or small GLADWARE containers in the fridge. That way you've always got a healthy snack on hand.

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Freeze leftover vegetables rather than throwing them away. To serve, put the veggies in GLAD TUCKAWAYS with white sauce, cooked pasta and chopped parsley. Top with cheese and bake in the oven for a delicious veggie casserole.

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For easy-peel garlic, slice off the flat end of the bulb, exposing all the cloves, cover with GLAD Wrap and microwave on HIGH for 1 minute. When cool, remove the wrap and squeeze!

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For an easy, nutritious lunch, toss some frozen vegies into a GLADWARE container to take to work, then at lunch simply add a little water and microwave for instant steamed vegetables.

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