Healthy Eating

Improve your diet and nutrition the quick and easy way with GLAD®. Browse our simple healthy-eating tips for you and the kids.

Pre-prepare healthy, low-fat meals and freeze in serving-sized portions in GLADWARE® containers. It's a great way to control portions and calories and it means you'll always have a healthy meal on hand.

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Pre-prepare stir-fry veggies and freeze in GLAD® SNAP LOCK® Bags. Then pop them straight in the microwave to cook. The steam in the bag helps cook them evenly without nutrient loss.

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For a healthy snack, keep cut carrots, celery, or tomatoes in the fridge in GLADWARE®, so that you always have a fresh, low-fat snack on hand.

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Use GLAD® Bake & Cooking Paper™ to wrap meat, chicken or fish into individual 'parcels' with fresh herbs and spices then bake or steam for a healthy, nutritious and low-fat meal.

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Take healthy snacks such as fruit and nuts to work or when you're away from home in GLADWARE® snack size containers.

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