GLAD® Kitchen Tidy Bags Drawstring

GLAD® Kitchen Tidy with Forceflex™

GLAD TUFF STUFF Kitchen Tidy Bags feature Forceflex Stretchable Strength. Forceflex is a unique diamond pattern technology that allows the bag to stretch around objects instead of ripping or tearing. This means you can fill them, stretch them and stuff them with just about anything! Available in medium and large sizes, GLAD TUFF STUFF with Forceflex Kitchen Tidy Bags also contain Eucalyptus Oil for a clean, fresh scent to help control odours. GLAD TUFF STUFF Kitchen Tidy Bags also have a handy drawstring closure system for extra hygiene, security and ease of handling.


  • Medium 27L (51cm x 55cm)
  • Large 35L (58cm x 64cm)


GLAD® Kitchen Tidy - Bathroom

GLAD Tuff Stuff Bathroom Tidy Bags resist puncturing or tearing far more effectively then regular bags, thanks to their stretchy nature and added thickness. GLAD Tuff Stuff Bathroom Tidy Bags also have the addition of Lavender Oil for a delicate, soothing aroma, making GLAD Tuff Stuff Bathroom Tidy Bags the perfect way to dispose of your bathroom waste.


  • Small (46cm x 50cm), 12 Litre, 15 Bag Pack.


GLAD® Kitchen Tidy Value Packs

GLAD Drawstring Value Packs are available in 3 sizes (Small, Medium, Large), offering everyday value from GLAD.


  • Small 12L (47cm x 50cm)
  • Medium 27L (54cm x 61cm)
  • Large 35L (60cm x 71cm)