GLAD® Garbage Bags - Specialty

GLAD® Garden & Clean Up Bags

GLAD Garden & Clean Up Bags are super sized, super strong, black garbage bags ideal for all types of garden waste such as leaves, grass, twigs and branches. The TUFF STUFF strength of GLAD Garden & Clean Up Bags means that unlike regular Garbage Bags, GLAD Garden bags will stretch instead of puncturing or tearing.


  • GLAD Garden & Clean Up Bags 80cm x 90cm



GLAD® Multi-Purpose Bags

These extra large black bags are ideal for garden, rubbish, clean-ups, or storage such as children's toys, household appliances and old clothes. The strong and reliable WAVETOP TIE closure makes this bag a practical and reliable bag from GLAD.


  • GLAD WAVETOP TIE® Multi-Purpose Bags 78cm x 101cm, 80L.


GLAD® Council Bin Liners

Available in 2 sizes (Large and Small), GLAD Council Bin Liners have your bin covered!


  • Large 240L (147cm x 113cm)
  • Small 140L (125cm x 100cm