GLAD® Foil Trays

Why spend time and effort scrubbing baking and roasting trays when you can use GLAD® Roaster Pans and GLAD® Baking Dishes? Use in the oven as disposable trays for family meals or to prepare and serve food for parties and BBQ's. GLAD® Rectangular Roaster Pan is ideal for roasts up to 4.8kg and Oval Roaster Pan is suitable for roasts up to 6kg- they have a built in roaster rack to elevate your roast and to ensure perfect browning. GLAD® Baking Dish is perfect for smaller roasts, vegetables, lasagne and chicken dishes - in fact anything that you bake in the oven. GLAD® Serving Platter makes entertaining so much easier - after serving, you can simply throw the platter away - no need for washing up! And GLAD® Serving Platter can be used in the oven for heating finger food and stored in the fridge or freezer if required.


  • GLAD® Baking Dish (2 pack)
  • GLAD® Foil Platter (1 pack, 430mm)
  • GLAD® Rectangular Roaster Pan (1 pack)
  • GLAD® Oval Roaster Pan (1 pack)


Make the most of your BBQ with GLAD® BBQ Trays. GLAD® BBQ Trays are especially designed for use in kettle BBQ's to catch those hard-to-clean spills. On top of saving clean up time, GLAD® BBQ Trays also ensure that BBQ coals burn evenly and that food does not retain that "smoky" flavour caused by fat dripping onto Heat Beads. GLAD® BBQ Trays are perfect on top of the barbecue hotplate as well - cook large joints of meat, seafood, vegetables, stir-frys or heat up gravy and sauces in GLAD® BBQ Trays to save on BBQ clean-up and dish washing.


  • GLAD® BBQ Trays 4 pack