GLAD® ClingWrap

Australia's number one cling wrap is now the best-ever!  Using the latest technology available, GLAD Cling Wrap now has a 1.5x tighter seal* for long-lasting freshness and is even easier and safer to dispense.  Whether your preparing, cooking, storing or even controlling meal portions you can count on GLAD.

All GLAD Cling Wrap is BPA free.


  • GLAD ClingWrap Mini 20m
  • GLAD ClingWrap 15m
  • GLAD ClingWrap 30m
  • GLAD ClingWrap 60m
  • GLAD ClingWrap 80m
  • GLAD ClingWrap 90m available with Ezy Cutter® Bar
  • GLAD ClingWrap 100m
  • GLAD ClingWrap 150m available with Ezy Cutter® Bar

  • GLAD Wrap EasyCut Dispenser
  • GLAD Wrap EasyCut Refill 50m