About Degradable Plus



Rubbish and its disposal are a fact of life. However the choices you make today can have a big impact on the environment of tomorrow. So GLAD® has upgraded a number of its GLAD® disposable bags and packaging to help you be more environmentally responsible.

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Firstly, GLAD® Degradable Plus™ bags are degradable, which means they will break-down and fragment when exposed to the elements. This is achieved through the addition of an element known as d2w®, which does not detract from the strength or quality of the bag, but simply enables it to begin to gradually breakdown following exposure to wind, rain, sun etc.

Secondly, GLAD® Degradable Plus™ products feature minimal packaging, which is recyclable. Our new paper sleeve can simply be placed in your recycling bin.

Furthermore, both the degradable bag, and the paper wrap packaging, are printed with soy-based inks, rather then petroleum-based inks.

All of these benefits combined make the GLAD® Degradable Plus™ range a more environmentally conscious choice. Take a small step by making changes today.

A common question:
What’s the difference between degradable and biodegradable?

Degradable is the gradual breakdown of components of a material, as a result of a natural element, eg: heat, wind, rain. Biodegradation is the complete chemical breakdown of a material by biological activity, especially by microorganisms. GLAD® Degradable Plus™ products are oxo-biodegradables, which is a combined two stage process of degradation, followed by biodegradation.